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Listening to Bishop T D Jakes latest book, Destiny, he said something that caught my attention. “In the pursuit of Destiny...
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Hi there! Are you part of a book club? Are you in a reading group of six or more people ? Would you like to read and discuss any of my books?
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My publication company is called KevStel Publications. We are a subsidiary of KevStel Group.
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A good friend once told me that no knowledge is absolute.I totally agree. The way I see something might not be the way another person sees it.

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Get in from the ground up.
Sponsorship opportunities available now!!
Expose your products/services to an international audience spanning 5 out of 7 continents.
Email me at for packages and detailed benefits for YOU #podcast #christianbusiness
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God's best is always worth the wait. While you are being faithful about your business be confident in your expectation that He'll be about yours.#InTheDark
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Having a baby out of wedlock was no where in Mary's plan. That was a detour she didn't envision.

It was a painful pill to swallow, had people talking about her and Joseph initially giving her the side eye... However, she quickly got with the program and took the detour in stride. Can you imagine what would've happened if she didn't?
God's Light Opens Windows In The Dark. Are you ready to GLOW? Preorder today!
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The race is not for the swift but those who endure to the end. In times of uncertainty, more people are likely to quit what they’ve started instead of riding the wave to the next season. Fear and doubt are the number one detractors of destiny. Being motivated in the moment doesn’t work when the tides of trouble arise. Rather you need a transformation of the mind. Are you ready to move from being motivated for the sprint to being transformed for the marathon? Are ready to conquer fear and kill doubt in your wilderness season? Then this free guide is for you.
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