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Listening to Bishop T D Jakes latest book, Destiny, he said something that caught my attention. “In the pursuit of Destiny...
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Hi there! Are you part of a book club? Are you in a reading group of six or more people ? Would you like to read and discuss any of my books?
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My publication company is called KevStel Publications. We are a subsidiary of KevStel Group.
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A good friend once told me that no knowledge is absolute.I totally agree. The way I see something might not be the way another person sees it.

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Start the New Year off right! Come hang out with me and some fabulous ATL authors...
Books and Brunch, tickets are on sale now!!
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#AnchorNotes Cliche but true, your greatest moments are born out of your struggles.
The Word says to wait on the Lord. Wait. He is in the business of turning ashes to beauty. However it's not just about waiting out your struggles out, it's HOW you wait them out and what you learn from them.
Are you going to be Bitter or Better? Confident expect ions in Christ should always make you better
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When I've been in traffic so long or I have a pile of laundry to do or projects from the job.....but I still drink coffee and put my fingers to the keyboard, reviews like this make it worth it.
Sure I want my efforts recognized but you see when God uses my words to bless someone beyond entertainment, I'm so humbled.
I just saw this review from my award winning novel WHEN YOU LET GO.
Have you read it? Hop over to Amazon, Okada Books, BN, iTunes or Kobo to get your copy!
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Ladies & Gents you got one job job... Let Your Light Shine.
When you are confident in God's word, you'll never let what you may or may not be going through make you step out of character.
Kill 'em with a smile
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#AnchorNotes Out of my mess has come my message. The message of confident expectations in Gods word.
My former need to perfect my plan halted the move toward my purpose. God told Jeremiah, go...I'll tell you what to say... He went.
Here's the real deal about trying to be perfect.
1. It's an unattainable fallacy. The only perfect being is Christ.
2. It blocks transparency. People will only connect to what they can relate to. If you're trying to present a perfect front you will have zero impact. Real impact.
3. It reflects your lack of faith and confidence in God.
Move in spite of what it looks like. On the other side lies the miracle.
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