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Listening to Bishop T D Jakes latest book, Destiny, he said something that caught my attention. “In the pursuit of Destiny...
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Hi there! Are you part of a book club? Are you in a reading group of six or more people ? Would you like to read and discuss any of my books?
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My publication company is called KevStel Publications. We are a subsidiary of KevStel Group.
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A good friend once told me that no knowledge is absolute.I totally agree. The way I see something might not be the way another person sees it.

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Good morning! Praise God, a new day for that alone I'm glad.
Traffic won't let me be great but that's a lie cos Imma be great regardless.
Didn't feel like adding anything extra this morning so...#Aunaturale 😉#ConfidentInMySkin
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Press on toward the mark. Keep pressing. The oil is in the pressure. Do not allow the dark colors of your past hinder you from expecting the bright rainbows of tomorrow. ... See MoreSee Less

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For the whole month of October, I've spent every Tuesday with @sapphirejblue talking about my books.
In about 20 mins, we're back for the finale with #TheFinalUltimatum

Have you read it yet? It came out Friday so we'll try not to give anything away.
Join us 646 668 2123
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My characters stay with me long after I've released them to the world. Someone handed me M&Ms yesterday and immediately I thought of Jabir. He eats only green M&Ms. He has a jar of just the green ones on his desk at work and mantel at home.
On a flight back from Kenya he asked Damisi...
"We're going back to Abuja, Kammy is there. Hope you can tell us apart?"
She furrowed her eyebrows."Really?"
"Come on baby, you haven't been around both of us in years. I just want to be sure."
She remained silent far too long for his comfort.
"Yes, you're the one that eats only green candy, he isn't picky."
Jabir felt his jaw clenched.
"Is that all? Supposing he decides to eat my candy, you'll think he is me?"
Damisi shrugged. He stared her down for a few seconds then sighed in relief when she started laughing.
"Oh you think that's funny? Please don't make me fight my twin."
"Relax, you're the only one who can make the hairs on the back of my neck stand." She winked.
Anchored by Love is available on all major online platforms.
PS...I don't eat chocolate but it made for a good prop😉
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I discuss the Rices tonight. You read it yet? ... See MoreSee Less

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